Dr Anshul Pangotra

The recent years have been challenging for all dental groups due to the ongoing NHS crisis. We were thrilled to have learned that Saint Visage Dental Group was willing to supply us with associates and we have since recruited more than 10 dental associates through their training programmes with more on the way. Samin and his team continue to work closely with us to ensure our new team of associates are happy and fulfilled. I would highly recommend them to any group or clinic looking to expand their team or improve their operations.


Pip Dhariwal

We have been partnering with Saint Visage Dental Group for the past two years, and we couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service they provide. As a busy dental clinic in the UK, finding the right associate dentists and dental care professionals to join our team had always been a challenging and time-consuming task. Saint Visage Dental Group has truly simplified the process for us.


Dr. Vikram Kavi

We were fortunate enough to have recruited an Orthodontist through Saint Visage during a very difficult time. We are currently working towards tackling our backlog of patients but we are now back on the right track and hope to run smoother than ever. A big thanks to Areeba for helping make the whole onboarding easy for us.