The Dental Recruitment agency run by Dentists.

Welcome to Visage Dental Recruitment, the dental recruitment agency run by dentists. Unlike the decision makers in other groups, we are run by a team of dentists! We understand the importance of clinical freedom and what each clinician requires to be able excel in their job. This allows us to make commercial decisions without compromising on the convenience of our clinicians.

We firmly believe in reinvesting what we earn back into our clinicians. We recognise that the rate of our growth is directly correlated to the rate and value of our team. This is why we put our associates first and invest a great amount of time, energy and resources into training each person. As an affiliate of Saint Visage Dental Group and Visage Dental Academy, we benefit from a legacy of excellence and a deep understanding of the dental industry’s evolving dynamics.

What sets us apart is our visionary development programmes that go beyond the typical recruitment services. Our approach is rooted in building long-term partnerships and strategising recruitment plans.

Join us in shaping the future of dental care, this is where excellence meets opportunity, and together, we can build smiles that last a lifetime.


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