General Dental Professional

All our General Dental Professional come with a financial warranty.


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We provide dedicated support with the following:
  • GDC Registration
  • Performer Number Application
  • Onboarding
  • NHS Training
  • Professional Development
  • Legal Assistance

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The pathway we have made for our General Dentist

GDC Registration

Occupational Health

Dental Indemnity

Visa application

ORE Assistance

Performer Number

Educating them on
NHS Dentistry

Assistance with

Opening a Bank

Benefits of choosing Our General Dental Professional

  • Flexible Fees

    Our service starts with no upfront fees, ensuring accessibility and flexibility in initiating the recruitment process.

  • Financial Warranty

    Backed by our commitment to quality, we provide a financial warranty to safeguard your investment in the rare event that a hired candidate does not meet expectations within a specified period.

  • Excellent Communication

    Count on our commitment to prompt and transparent communication. If there's ever a challenge in supplying support, you'll be informed immediately.

  • Long-Term Stability

    Experience the stability of a long-term commitment with contracts spanning 3 to 5 years, fostering enduring partnerships between your dental practice and our recruited professionals.